Tired of the humdrum and monotony of your current existence? Ever find yourself dreaming of being in another place doing something entirely different from what you usually do? If your answer to both of these questions is yes, then you should definitely consider a break to rejuvenate and refresh! How about a holiday in a ski chalet where you can unwind and enjoy exhilarating activities? The Alps is the perfect destination for world weary souls like you. Located in Europe and overlapping countries such as Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and of course France you will have the time of your life exploring the many wonders that this mountain range offers.

Hiking the Alps

Hiking the Alps

Whatever your personal tastes may be, you will find it in the Alps, all your favoured activities are possible. If you are a nature lover, you will be amazed at the fascinating flora and fauna of the Alpine mountains and with Alps accommodation to suit every budget the scene is set for a memorable holiday. Hiking the Alps, you can get acquainted with these amazing displays of nature. Your hiking adventure will enable you to go sight seeing and feast your eyes on the gorgeous, breathtaking, and spectacular nature in display. If you are an artistic soul seeking refuge in the Alps to nurture your love for photography, you will be overwhelmed at the wonderful subjects for photography that you will find in the area. Now if you are just plain bored with the dreariness of your life, you can go to the Alps to experience the thrill of living on the edge. The same with having a France snowboard holiday, the sky seems to be the only limit for exciting and suspenseful activities in these places. Ski resorts in the Alps can give you an adrenaline-rushing and heart-pounding skiing experience as many of them are located nearly en piste. These resorts are equipped with the latest amenities and gadgets for skiing. They will also provide you with ski guides who will give you guidance for safe Alps skiing. If you want more activities that will set your pulse racing, why not try mountain biking? The Alps is also a favourite mountain biking area by tourists. So you might want to prepare that mountain bike of yours for a thrilling ride.

Alps ski resorts

Alps ski resorts

Aside from skiing in the Alps and mountain biking, sports like paragliding, white water rafting, golf, rock climbing and so much more are also often done in this pristine mountain range. However, no matter how exciting the activities you encounter in the Alps are, alps ski holiday will never be complete if you do not have a comfortable place to stay after the day’s activities. A little research before you leave can help significantly in finding the Alps ski resorts that meet your taste, budget and location. Looking in from a cultural perspective there are a multitude of different people and foods from all the Alpine countries of Europe, if you have the means it is possible to have an authentic German breakfast, an Italian lunch and a French dinner in the respective countries! So whether you’re looking to Ski French Alps or have a fondue in Switzerland you have definitely arrived at the right place! Happy reading!

6 Responses to “Alps Gateway – Travel Tips, Adventure, Accommodation & Resorts”

  • Paul Simmons says:

    I must say the Alps provide plenty of opportunities for taking some spectacular shots. I have been taking pictures from different regions in the Alps with my trusted Canon EOS-1DS for the last few years, and by far the best pictures in my portfolio have always come areas such as La Chamounix and Val d’Isere. I particularly enjoy taking photos when they have the snowboarding competitions going. I can’t say I’ve ever tried hiking though in the Alps, I’d be interested to know what other people say about this experience.

  • boondocker says:

    Can’t see the point in hiking anywhere near the German side unless you are a carnivore. Not exactly the right preparation for six hours hiking. Give me a nice fresh french salad anytime. At least that’s digestible and won’t require the mountain rescue team out to airlift you off the slopes because of cholesterol [poisoning.

  • Billie O'Neill says:

    Yeah right that and killer goats. How come we manage to provide photogenic goats in Nebraska and they can’t do it in the Alps, in their ancient civilization? No one has tamed goats? give me a break. We got thousands of photogenic goats in Nebraska and we don’t have any problems with those bells splitting tourists heads open. Apart from that the people were great. The goats suck.

  • Adam Smith says:

    Visiting The Alps is a great way to explore the world just how nature intended, clean,breathtaking and ultimately awe inspiring!If you’ve never visited this region of the world before then I urge you to do so as quickly as is humanly possible! It’s certainly a case of once visited, never forgotten. Irrespective of whether you use Austria, France, Germany, Italy or even Switzerland as your base you’re sure to enjoy the trip of a lifetime.

  • maisie says:

    My trip was a blast from start to finish. The people are so friendly and the scenery so magnificent that everything was sheer bliss. I would go again at the drop of a hat it was so wonderful. The food was great and I ate my way through the Alps. You must try the German breakfast, they are just great for loading up wiuth carbs before a days hiking.

  • Lee Bishop says:

    With some awe inspiring ranges and peaks The Alps mountain range really does loan itself to extreme sports and I’m not only talking about championship class skiing and snowboarding! Why not throw caution to the wind and try your hand at extreme mountain biking or paragliding over the wonderful vistas? Sportsmen and women as well as thrill seekers are always happy to add The Alps to their list of conquests!

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